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How are appearance fees and prize money paid?

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The expectation is that all monies owed to the athlete will be paid to Vinco Sport Ltd. We will then convert this money to GBP and pay the money to the athlete, minus our 15% fee. We aim to transfer earned monies to your nominated bank account within 48 hours of receipt of the event organiser making payment to Vinco Sport Ltd.

When calculating the fee due, we will deduct the 20.00 GBP confirmation payment.

For example, if you win 300.00 GBP in prize money the fee due will be 45.00 GBP. You will already have paid Vinco Sport Ltd 20.00 GBP and therefore only 25.00 GBP will be deducted from the 300.00 GBP prize money when it is paid to you.

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