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Puma evoSpeed Sprint

2012 Spikes (Sprint) from Puma

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Manufacturer's Description

The Puma Evo Speed Sprint LTD Running Spikes are designed with Puma's innovative technology, along with an athletic style. Engineered to be light and flexible with an ergonomic fit, the Evo Speed Sprint Spike is designed with a customised 8 spike-pin pebax plate engineered to provide the runner with a improved motion response and excellent grip whilst performing on track. The minimal external heel counter keeps the runners foot secure and locked into position. Constructed with Clarino rovenica uppers, a lightweight high quality synthetic leather, the Puma Evo Speed Sprint LTD Running Spike features an updated Puma formstripe deisgn, inspired by the 'lightning bolt' - Usain Bolt.


  • Customised 8 Spike-Pin Pebax Plate - Provides lightweight support and grip.
  • Minimal External Heel Counter - Keeps the foot secure and locked into position.
  • Chrome-Plated Sole - For a shiny finish.
  • Clarino Rovenica Uppers - Lightweight and high quality synthetic leather.
  • Increased Aerodynamics - Smoother transition and reduce drag.
  • Circular embossed - Stylish design in the forefoot.
  • Jamaican flag symbol - Located on the lacekeeper.
  • Bolt Signature Design - Bolt signature and 'lightning bolt' pose design to tongue of the spike.
  • New Formstripe Logo - Inspired by the 'speed of light' Usain Bolt.


The Puma evoSpeed Sprint is an elite level spike designed for serious sprinters, yet one of the first things you'll notice when you put these shoes on is just how comfortable they are.

The lining of the shoe feels very soft against the skin and the shape of the shoe hugs the foot perfectly. The microfiber suede lining is a superb addition to the shoe without adding too much unnecessary weight.

And when you get moving in them things get even better. The TPU spike plate provides superb traction on the track and a great lift off the toe each time the forefoot leaves the floor. The slight bulge on the outside of the plate adds to this effect and once out of the drive phase this spike comes into its own.

The midfoot of the shoe was designed specifically to restrict the amount of time lost by the athlete between the push-off an the initial strike phrase. The result? The traction and lift you get from the shoe helps you reach your top end speed like no other, mind you - that's what you'd expect from a shoe that's been designed for the world 100m record holder Usain Bolt.

The external heel counter helps keeps your foot locked into position which combined with the Clarion Rovenica upper of the shoe gives excellent support and torque when going round the bend. I particularly like wearing this spike for the 400m thanks to the spike's light weight and performance on the bends.

There is a circular embossed effect on the forefoot of the shoe adds to the aesthetics however it's primarily purpose is to increase the aerodynamics of the spike, thus reducing the amount of drag on the foot.

The Olympic colours of the spike are white upper with a red lining and a blue striped formstripe. The spike is also available made in black and green. The bold white colour may not be for all, but as Puma say they 'have been in the Helps-You-Look-Good business since 1948... so, we know how it works'.

The Puma evoSpeed Sprint both talks the talk and walks the walk

User Reviews

Matthew Quine wrote ()

Great spikes and very comfortable to run in, especially for someone like myself who has wider than usual feet. My only reservation on the spike is that it's perhaps a little heavy for me to race in over 400m compared to some of it's competitors.

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Score: 88.0/100

Acceleration 9.0/10
Comfort & Fit 9.0/10
Appearance 8.0/10
Bend Running 10.0/10
Straight Line Speed 9.0/10
Weight 8.0/10

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