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Li-Ning Ultralight Running Shoe

2013 Shoes (Natural & Barefoot Running) from Li-Ning

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The Li-Ning Ultralight Running Shoe is exactly what is says in its name. It is probably the lightest footwear I have ever worn, pretty much feeling like I was running bare foot! It enabled me to stride effectively during quick track running and constantly kept me light on my feet.

Due to the lightweight and design structure, I did find that it caused the shoe to lose some of its durability and stability, therefore perhaps not being ideal for long distance repetitions or for training sessions where heavy fatigue and a slowing of pace will be inevitable, thus potentially leading to an ineffective foot stride contact and possible injuries.

The stretchy mesh material provides effective comfort, with the shoe most certainly a good choice for any runners with wider feet.

Overall I was generally pleased with the shoe; with its aesthetic appearance and its performance during runs. My only suggestion to athletes would be to use them on quicker training sessions that you would not quite want to use spikes for. I would certainly use them again in my training programme.

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Score: 78.0/100

Comfort & Fit 10.0/10
Support 6.0/10
Durability 7.0/10
Appearance 9.0/10
Response 7.0/10

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