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Adidas Supernova Glide 5

2014 Shoes (Neutral & Cushioning) from Adidas

Manufacturer's Description

Run right through the wall in the adidas Supernova Glide 5 shoes.

Designed for runners with a 7- to 12-minute mile, the shoes feature an active FORMOTION design that contours to your foot, a soft GEOFIT collar and TORSION SYSTEM midfoot support.

Seamless upper designed to maximize comfort while reducing irritation on top of the foot; Lower volume toe box to maximize fit while maintaining faster feel

Continental Rubber in outsole toe and heel for surefooted grip, with an ADIWEAR outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability


The Adidas Supernova is one of the company's best neutral shoes and is likely to be one of the top selling long distance trainers this winter. As Someone who likes to vary my Long distance runs with my speed sessions, I wanted to see how these trainers matched up in the comparative situations.

The supernova seemed to be best suited for the long steady runs when comfort and support was paramount. Whilst they are not overly heavy, they don't allow for the lightweight freedom that the likes of the Saucony Kinavara can provide you for those short fast runs.

I get the sense that I could run for miles in these shoes without my achillies aching. These shoes are designed to primarily run on the mid foot and that is just how I felt I ran, except from when the shoes became slightly clogged up with mud.

This is were I am left with a slight dilemma with regards to the suitability of these shoes to off road muddy runs. Whilst on one hand they have very good grip and are very sturdy, they do tend to pick up mud like there's no tomorrow and so will slow you down.

In addition to this I felt that whilst there is plenty of support and comfort the shoe wasn't particularly bouncy.

As for it's design, the shoe is heavily supported in the heel; with a large to heel to toe gradient, it also has an incision in the sole towards the back shoe that appears to help aid supination

The shoe's mesh upper and soft inner heel make the shoes a bit more comfortable and breathable.

As for it's appearance; this shoe is a very smart stylish model whilst the luminous inner and heel and the reflective panels make this shoe perfect for those dark winter runs.

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Score: 78.0/100

Response 7.0/10
Comfort & Fit 8.0/10
Support 8.0/10
Durability 7.0/10
Appearence 9.0/10

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