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Saucony Soarin Long Jump Spikes

2014 Spikes (Field) from Saucony

Manufacturer's Description


The Soarin J is a multi-purpose jumping shoe that features FlexFilm overlays, supportive synthetics and a forefoot lockdown strap. Combined with a rigid 3/4-length Pebax spike plate, the Soarin J is a jump shoe that can handle the pole vault, long jump and triple jump. Please note that all sizes below are based on men's shoe sizing. Weight: 7.8oz. / 221gm.


Flex Film Overlays
Thin, flexible film welded onto the upper that is supportive and lightweight used to reduce layers

Cross Strap

YKK Zip-up Shroud


Die-cut EVA
High abrasion EVA foam that is a lighter alternative to rubber in the midsole and outsole construction


8 Pin Pebax Spike Plate Configuration
Combines the stiffness and durability needed in a spike plate with an arrangement providing the best possible propulsion in the worst conditions


First impressions are great as these spikes look great, sleek and slick, the shine and vivid design are really appealing to the eye. Once you put them on they aren't exactly the most comfortable fit, opting for added stiffness to the spike over the comfort of the user, but you could argue this adds to the functionality of the spike. A very high arch, plenty of heel support and a solid toe all are there to aid the performance output whilst taking away from comfort. These spikes are also certainly for those with narrow feet.

The spikes themselves are extremely lightweight whilst being very stiff, meaning straight line speed is as good as in a sprint spike, ideal for long jump approach. The toe strap on the front seems a little redundant as it's not the biggest and probably doesn't do the job that the designers intended it to, increase the size or get rid of it all together I'd say. Overall the performance of the spikes is great, slim fitting and good looking, a slight sacrifice on comfort in order to maximise the performance isn't exactly an awful thing, so long as they get the job done!

User Reviews

Lydia Chamberlin wrote ()

- Comfort/Fit/support
These shoes are really comfortable, I have gone for a half size larger than I would normally have and they fit well. The fit is helped by the straps over the forefoot and the zip up the centre. The zip helps the aerodynamic aspect of the spike and also helps keeps the sand out! The spike feels really snug and supportive, which is important when jumping, and at take off there is no excess foot movement because the spike fits so well. On the sole of the shoe the heel has good cushioning, which many athletes will find beneficial and also provides that extra bit of comfort and shock absorption. Even with all of this support and cushioning the spike is still really light.

- Acceleration
There is a strong spike plate that pushes you up onto the forefoot, so you can gain speed quickly when travelling down the runway. and the shoe is really responsive. Both the acceleration and the responsiveness is helped by the 8 pin spike plate, which allows for really good traction and grip even in the worst of conditions. I would happily perform sprint reps in these spikes too.

- Durability
So far the spikes have lasted very well, showing little signs of wear and tear, even though they have been used in both practice and competition on a regular basis.

- Appearance
The shoes are quite brightly coloured (red, white and citron) and quite bold their in appearance, personally I think they look quite good! the shoes do look better in real life than they do in pictures. So far these are the only colour ways that are available in the UK.

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Score: 80.0/100

Comfort & Fit 7.0/10
Appearence 8.0/10
Running Speed 9.0/10
Jumping ability 8.0/10

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