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More Mile Kinesiology Tape

Miscellaneous (Strapping & Tape) from More Mile

Manufacturer's Description

Reduce muscle fatigue

Prevents cramps

Promote blood flow

Aids in recovery

Water resistant

Latex free

160%-180% elasticity


The More Mile kinesotaping comes in both handy pre-cut sets as well as your conventional rolls and in a variety of bold, solid colours.

The pre-cut instructions are incredibly easy to follow and if you've opted to buy the cheaper rolls and cut your own, the tape backing carries guidelines so you can easily ensure you cut the same sized strip out each time. There is a wealth of tutorials online which can guide you through the application, size and number of strips you'll need to provide support required.

The tape itself peels off easily and sticks will to clean, dry skin with a good rub to ensure the adhesive has enough heat to get a firm application (note, you will get a better result with hairless skin). In my experience the tape will stay fixed to the area for up to 3 days before it starts to peel and lose it's effectiveness. This is less than some of the other brands I have used; however the More Mile taping also comes at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, I would recommend this product to other athletes. If you're unsure on the use of kinesotaping, the More Mile strapping provides you with an effective yet affordable product to trial in training and at events. However, if you're looking for taping that will last through several training sessions before removal then I would advise you look into the more expensive alternatives.

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Score: 73.0/100

Variety 8.0/10
Ease of use 10.0/10
Durability 3.0/10
Appearence 8.0/10

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