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More Mile Beast Foam Roller

Miscellaneous (Massage) from More Mile

Manufacturer's Description

Self-myofascial release, also known as "foam rolling" something that every athlete should include within their day to day lifestyle, whether or not you are a professional or a weekend warrior it makes absolutely no difference.

Introducing the More Mile 'The Beast' Foam Roller, the perfect tool for every athlete regardless of your level!! Compact enough to fit into your gym bag, ideal for home use, perfect for short intervals between work especially when becoming stiff from being sat on the dreaded swivel chairs provided in offices these days, or for those who do not stop on the job and need to release any tension, aches or knots. The beauty of More Mile 'The Beast' Foam Roller is by simply adapting your bodies position or point of contact with the foam roller you can target specific muscle groups, with the specifically constructed contours by simply rolling over the firm, raised and flexible blocks of More Mile 'The Beast' Foam Roller it will gently stretch and knead muscle and fascia in all directions to provide you with your own personalised sports massage. Combine this within your day to day life and you will never look back!!!

More Mile is a British sports brand established in 2001. We specialise in sports performance footwear, clothing and accessories. No matter what level of sport you partake, we have your needs covered. Our aim is to give you the right equipment, so you can perform to the best of your ability.

Features & Benefits

  • Deactivates muscular trigger points
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Improves tissue flexibility


At first looks the solid rubber ridges are daunting and my IT band certainly reacted in similar fashion. It was initially hard to relax on this given the amount of pressure that was being applied directly through the stick out mounds. That said after a couple of session I was able to use the roller more and more on certain areas such as my calf muscles to great effect, really getting into the knots not targeted but the softer rollers.

The rubber shell is hard wearing and certainly does not seem to have warped over the period I have had it. It is conveniently sized and can be carried easily in a training bag.

Overall this roller is excellent for the athlete looking to really get in deep to certain muscles but not recommended for light overall massage.

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Score: 88.0/100

Durability 9.0/10
Stiffness 10.0/10
Size 7.0/10
Effectiveness 9.0/10

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