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Mountain Bear Trail Shoe

2014 Shoes (Offroad & Trail) from Mountain Bear

Manufacturer's Description

Mountain Bear is a specialist brand of Off-Road footwear and is the ground breaking result of a collaboration between Running Bear & Sports Creative.

Tony Hulme has used his 30 years experience in gait analysis to come up with the concept for Mountain Bear.

We have used all the faults from major footwear brands to our advantage and come up with Ground Control, a product which combines each aspect of what makes a running shoe perform effectively.

Together with world champions, elite athletes and plenty of research we have developed a prodcut that is a harmonious balance of aggression and protection.


The Mountain Bear website states "we're the best off road shoe in the world"; a bold claim to make but does the trail running shoe live up to the hype?

The shoe provides excellent grip and support on uneven and muddy terrain, perfect for completing my reps through the woods or slower hill sprints. I was provided with stability underfoot enabling me to have to complete sessions at good quality without having to worry about slipping or grip but also providing me with much more support (and decreasing risk of injury) than a spike shoe would for the longer slower reps.

As far as an off road running shoe goes, they were fairly comfortable (although not close to that of a road running trainer), they look OK without having the wow factor and they provided me with some breathability through its mesh style covering on the top of the shoe; this however did not manage to keep my feet dry when the conditions were wet!

Overall, the shoe is more than competent and suitable for off road runs, providing a more lightweight and responsive shoe than many trail shoes and are also perfect for the hill sessions that are not quite quick enough to be wearing spike shoes. Are they the best off road running shoe in the world? That remains to be seen! But I will continue to wear them for certain winter training sessions and wouldn't be against recommending them for other runners to try.

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Score: 80.0/100

Response 8.0/10
Comfort & Fit 7.0/10
Support 9.0/10
Durability 9.0/10
Appearence 7.0/10

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