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Saucony Lanzar Javelin Boot

2014 Spikes (Field) from Saucony

Manufacturer's Description

The Lanzar JAV is the perfect shoe for the javelin thrower who wants great lockdown and support, but in a lightweight package. It features a 3/4 cut upper that provides proper support for the powerful motions of the event. The full rubber outsole with spike plate fits either spike or cleat inserts, making it suitable for either track or grass surfaces.

Also featuring the new Flex Film Overlays, a thin, flexible film welded onto the upper that is supportive and fused with lightweight upper, they are designed to help reduce layers and keeping you light and effective. While the outsole have 11-Pin Nylon Spike Plate Configuration, it combines the stiffness and durability needed in a spike plate with an arrangement providing the best possible propulsion in the worst conditions. The Lanzar Jav, a stylish, supportive spike that will help you break those barrier down.

  • FlexFilm - A strong yet pliable material innovation that adapts to your foot and provides a lightweight and seamless feel.
  • Mid-Cut height - Provides superb support and stability and added lateral mobility.
  • YKK Zip-up Shroud - Provides the right fit and lock the spikes tightly.
  • Compression Moulded EVA - A diverse midsole material that is durable, lightweight and provides responsive cushioning.
  • 11-Pin Nylon Spike Plate Configuration - Combines the stiffness and durability needed in a spike plate with an arrangement providing the best possible propulsion in the worst conditions.
  • Air Mesh Upper - Giving your feet maximum breathability and helps to reduce overall weight.
  • Cross Strap - Provides a good midfoot support and create a perfect foothold.
  • High Traction Rubber - Provides superb traction and grip.
  • Stretch Inner Sleeve - With breathable mesh provide seamless comfort and flexible.


First impressions not as good on these as the rest of the Saucony series, the black and white not the most attractive and not rescued by the bits of orange added, whilst generally the design is a bit busy. When you (try) and put them on you immediately hit a problem, the spikes contain this unusual sock, which is quite difficult to get into, granted once you are in they're quite comfortable, but you don't want to be struggling with that sock every time you put them on. They are comfortable, however for a javelin boot I'd want them to be much stiffer than they are, the sole is very soft and flexible and around the ankle there is a small amount of support provided by another flimsy strap.

Most people who throw javelin would say the first reason they have to replace their current spikes is the toe wearing out, and here they seem to have decided they don't mind that. They have put in more heavy duty material on the inside of the big toe but the rest of the front is completely exposed and I'm not convinced that the flexfilm that Saucony have developed is up to that job and will undoubtedly wear away quickly.

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Score: 62.0/100

Comfort & Fit 6.0/10
Appearance 5.0/10
Support 6.0/10
Running speed 8.0/10
Delivery 6.0/10

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