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More Mile Supreme Spikey Ball Massage Stick

Miscellaneous (Massage) from More Mile

Manufacturer's Description

The More Mile Supreme Spikey Ball Massage Stick is the ultimate self-massage tool.

It combines the specificity of a spikey massage ball by targeting certain muscle areas and trigger points, with the control and ease of penetrating areas of muscle soreness and tightness of a foam roller.

Speed up your recovery from training and competition by using the Supreme Massage Stick prior to and after exercise to knead muscle, increase circulation and reduce aches and pains.


The More Mile Supreme Spikey Ball Massage Stick looks daunting at first, but the combination of a massage stick and a the independent spike balls allows you to apply a significantly amount of pressure whilst targeting trigger points and specific muscles.

The way the spike balls move independently allows the user to really work the targeted muscles. The spikes appear to be extremely durable and as yet show no signs of wear and tear.

The spikes mean that you aren't able to use the stick to conduct a gentle massage as they are quite aggressive, however if you are using this product then I can only assume you are not looking for something gentle.

The length of the stick means that it is a tight fit, even in the largest backpacks however as it is so slim you can easily leave the tip of the stick out the top of the bag. It is very slim, so if you use a duffel bag you won't have any problems with storage.

User Reviews

Andrzej (Aj) Peplinski wrote ()

It's a cheaper version of the foam roller and it shows. You can only really use it on your legs and even then it is sometimes hard to use. However beneficial for tight muscles.

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Score: 80.0/100

Durability 9.0/10
Portability 6.0/10
Effectiveness 7.0/10
Stiffness 9.0/10
Price 9.0/10

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