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Adidas XCS 3

2013 Spikes (Cross Country) from Adidas

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Manufacturer's Description

Bound and leap as you race to close the gap between you and the finish line. Uproot all that lays in your path as you fly lightly in the adidas XCS 3 Spike M!

Cross-country racing flat for the efficient runner looking for optimal energy return, lightweight performance and cushioning.

Highly breathable air mesh upper offers a glove-like fit.

Sprint Web seamless upper design uses a laminate composite to help lock the foot down.

Stretch tongue helps supply maximum foot hold.

Breathable fabric lining for a great next-to-skin feel.

EVA insole for underfoot comfort.

Mono-mesh insert helps increase heat exchange between the foot and outside elements.

Longer and lower full-length EVA midsole constructed to suit the cushioning needs of middle- to long-distance runners.

Pebax plate specifically constructed for middle-distance runners.

Sharkskin outsole designed to provide maximum grip over uneven surfaces.

Full-length spike plate featuring six-removable spikes.


The Adidas XCS 3m is lightweight racing spike with aggressive foot plate with minimal toe to heal cushioning to aid weight saving. Grip to underside is heavily weighted to the front with a small proportion to the rear. This type of spike is considered to be a very good for racing however concerns about the durability to the rear section of the spike during prolonged exposure to hard surfaces and heavy wear could arise to be an issue.

Structure and support:

With many lightweight racing shoes support isn't on the top of the list for manufactures to provide. However this shoe does provide good levels of support through its structured fabric. I would happily race in this shoe whatever the weather in all types of terrain.

The lace up:

The first initial lace up of the spikes is very good. The shoe can be pulled very tight to allow a 'Glove' tight feel but still feels comfortable which fills you with automatic conference you won't role, slip or lose during tight, tricky and muddy situations.

Prior to action:

Once upon your feet you can feel the aggressiveness of the plate beneath your feet. This type of plate is more common on a track spikes ranging from 400m to 3k. At this point the grip seems very good and the way the shoe hugs your feet you feel very confident of foot placement.


With the excellent support and structure of the shoe it provides a fantastic feedback and response to any runner who desires a run from A to B in a quick fluid motion. The good all round grip and structure provides more than adequate levels of reassurance on tricky turns, obstacles and slippery surfaces.


In general the Adidas XCS 3m is an extremely aggressive shoe for the runner that wants to compete to the highest level. The shoe is very comfortable to ware for prolonged periods and providing a good response through floor contact for acceleration given its aggressive spike plate. The tight 'Glove' like feel to the shoe fills the athlete with high levels of confidence to turn into any corner and burst of speed. The grip levels provided through its independent spike sockets and the rubber for foot is ideal for any type of XC race providing adequate lateral and horizontal grip. All in all this spike is recommend for any for-footed and conditioned athlete wanting a slim, light-weight racing spike with good levels of grip and stability.

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Score: 74.0/100

Comfort & Fit 7.0/10
Grip 8.0/10
Support 7.0/10
Response 8.0/10
Durability 7.0/10

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