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Li-Ning Power Pool Sprint Spikes

2013 Spikes (Sprint) from Li-Ning

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Having never worn any Li-Ning footwear before I was very impressed by the spikes which were designed with the help of Asafa Powell.

I love the simple yet sleek design, the all over black with a splash of colour I think is more attractive than some of the bolder spike designs on the market. The little diamond studs are appealing to females, which were designed in honour of Asafa's late brothers.

On the more practical side, I liked the 'trainer style' fit, personally, I felt they offered more support than other spikes I have used but were still lightweight and felt great to sprint in. The back of the shoe finish quite high up the Achilles which initially cause a little discomfort but the fabric eases in time and fits nicely.

The long hard souls keeps you on your toes nicely and keeping your foot dorsiflexed allowing you to spend as little time on the track as possible. Designed with the help of speed king Asafa Powell, these really are a high quality sprint spike.

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Score: 84.0/100

Comfort & Fit 9.0/10
Acceleration 8.0/10
Straight line speed 8.0/10
Bend running 8.0/10
Appearence 9.0/10

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