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Saucony Kinvara 7

2016 Shoes (Natural & Barefoot Running) from Saucony

Manufacturer's Description

Run farther from the start and closer to comfort in the Saucony Kinvara 7 Mens Running Shoes. Now with an EVERUN treatment in the heel, this ride delivers a step up in comfort. Add in a lightweight FLEXFILM in the upper for a durable, flexible fit, and you may never want to slow down.


As I had never really worn trainers like the Kinvara 7's before, the effects of the latest technology inserted in the shoe were instantly apparent, with the EVERUN technology in the heels providing substantial protection during runs.

This was all part of the cushioning that has been placed in the landing zone and heel insert, which along with its lightweight design, prevented me from being imbalanced or stumbling, giving me a strong and consistent posture throughout my runs and ensuring that all my energy was exerted in the right places.

The heel cushioning also seems very durable, as I have been on a fair few 10 kilometre runs with many rough any hilly sections and so far the cushioning has not worn off or collapsed in any way.

The one drawback for me with these trainers was that while they provide protection, they take a while for your feet to get used to them even if you have tried out Kinvara trainers before.

During the first 5 or so runs I found that the arches of my feet started to ache before I was even half way through a run, which did make the runs more difficult, particularly when facing the uphill sections.

What this is most likely down to the midsole changes as the usual groove in this section is replaced with a sidewall, which in the long term makes for a smoother connection between the different sole sections but unfortunately takesd some getting used to.

However, all things considered the Saucony Kinvara 7s are definitely worth purchasing, with its latest developments highly likely to make a difference to your running style especially if you've never worn any Kinvara range before.

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Score: 88.0/100

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Comfort & Fit 7.0/10
Support 9.0/10
Durability 10.0/10
Appearance 9.0/10

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